Personalized Mind Movie

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Available as a follow-up after a scheduled intuitive reading

Mind Movies are cutting-edge tools for creating positive change in your life.

An expansion from the concept of vision boards, mind movies are an alchemical blend of visuals, affirmations, movement and music that you can play on your computer or smart phone. Playing your personal mind movie can accelerate change in amazing ways.

The best way to utilize this wonderful tool is to watch it several times daily, including first thing in the morning, and just before sleep. I find these movies to be very powerful when combined with meridian tapping (EFT).

This is a great follow-up after an intuitive reading/coaching session to anchor and expand the things that you want to achieve.

Interpreters available for sessions (Spanish and Japanese) for an additional fee.

Translation available for written reports (Spanish and Japanese) for an additional fee.

Please email one of the interpreters below for their fee and scheduling information.

Name: Patricia Flores
Spanish Interpreter

Name: Yuko Tani
Japanese Interpreter

Name: Hiroko Takano
Japanese Interpreter

Yuriko Walker
Name: Yuriko Walker
Japanese Interpreter

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