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By Karen Sheeks RN, MS Dive into a captivating look at what it means to live in 5th dimensional awareness. Practical tools to expand your perspectives and take advantage of seeing your life and the world through a new clarity that allows you to find opportunities for healing, manifestation and aligning with the loving relationships you want.

The class concludes with a guided meditation to facilitate your journey into expanded awareness.

This class is available as an mp3 download. You can download and listen to the file on your computer or your iPod or other mp3 player. It works with both Mac and PC systems.

Interpreters available for sessions (Spanish and Japanese) for an additional fee.

Translation available for written reports (Spanish and Japanese) for an additional fee.

Please email one of the interpreters below for their fee and scheduling information.

Name: Patricia Flores
Spanish Interpreter

Name: Yuko Tani
Japanese Interpreter

Name: Hiroko Takano
Japanese Interpreter

Yuriko Walker
Name: Yuriko Walker
Japanese Interpreter

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