Crystal and Mineral Allies

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Receive a personalized guided recommendation for beings from the Crystal and Mineral Kingdoms who want to co-create with you. Working with stones is an ancient practice, and the alchemy of their vibrational offerings is powerful and supportive. Becoming familiar with these beautiful beings will enhance your meditations and inner work.

You will receive a recommendation for crystals and minerals that resonate with you and with your path to self-healing and manifestation of your dreams and goals. These stones can be found in local crystal shops, or online from many sources. Each stone listed will be accompanied by a brief description of its properties and how to use it in meditation and ceremony.

Free Sample Report!

Interpreters available for sessions (Spanish and Japanese) for an additional fee.

Translation available for written reports (Spanish and Japanese) for an additional fee.

Please email one of the interpreters below for their fee and scheduling information.

Name: Patricia Flores
Spanish Interpreter

Name: Yuko Tani
Japanese Interpreter

Name: Hiroko Takano
Japanese Interpreter

Yuriko Walker
Name: Yuriko Walker
Japanese Interpreter

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